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New representa-
tive in North America

After many successful years we now say thank you to our former representative Mr. Philip Greenberg and welcome our new partner Rare Violins of New York.

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Weekend Lectures

Our company Westerlunds Violinverkstad AB, Irene and Peter Westerlund, organized under a couple of years (1998-2003), weekend lectures for the professional violinmakers/repairers and bow makers of Sweden.

As lecturers some of the worlds most skilled and famous violin- and bow makers was invited.

The list of lecturers at our classes:
Benjamin Schröder, Roger Hargrave, John Dilworth, Frank Ravatin, Peter Oxley, Patrick Robin, Eric Blot, Georg Kremer and Joseph Curtin.


It all began when looking at the situation in Sweden among the makers. Few or no contacts between the professional makers where taken. Isolation is, as we see it, not a prosperous situation. It does not develop your skills and is very easy the source to bad rumours about your colleagues. A very human but negative act when trying to survive as a maker/repairman.

As an attempt to make a change, we got the idea of organizing lectures. These gatherings should include a top name giving a lecture, a good three course dinner where the participants could mingle and get to know one and other more.

The intent was to make this at a very low price as many makers struggle under a low budget. To be able to do this, we have received generous donations from the Järnåker foundation, The Royal Musical Academy, the Technical University of Stockholm (KTH), Brinks Musik AB in Katrineholm and also a very nice add to the social part given by the Stockholm firm "Stråkton" who invited the participants for a glass of wine and a snack at each event.

The people invited should in our opinion be the ones that needed it most, that is, the people that worked full time as a maker or repairer and had no other income to pay their bills.

The first event was held 31 of January through 2 of February 1998. The response from the invited people was very positive, witch encouraged us to keep on doing this. Nine classes where held at a phase of two times per year.

Contacts across the border have been taken in a number of occasions when people from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland have been invited.

Pictures from the weekend lectures

980131-980201 - Lecturer Benjamin Schröder

wvabkursschroder2mini.jpg (5022 bytes)

981107-981108 - Lecturer Roger Hargrave

wvabkurshargrave1mini.jpg (2843 bytes) wvabkurshargrave2mini.jpg (4153 bytes)

990320-990321 - Lecturer John Dilworth

wvabkursdilworth1mini.jpg (4110 bytes) wvabkursdilworth2mini.jpg (3911 bytes)

000226-000227 - Lecturer Frank Ravatin

wvabkursravatin1mini.jpg (3623 bytes) wvabkursravatin2mini.jpg (3638 bytes)

001007-001008 - Lecturer Peter Oxley

wvabkursoxley1mini.jpg (3253 bytes) wvabkursravatinoxley2mini.jpg (4052 bytes)

010421-010422 - Lecturer Patrick Robin

wvabkursrobin1mini.jpg (2958 bytes) wvabkursrobin2mini.jpg (3891 bytes)

020202-020203 - Lecturer Eric Blot

wvabkursblot1mini.jpg (5349 bytes) wvabkursblot2mini.jpg (5372 bytes)

030222-030223 - Lecturer Georg Kremer

kurskremer14mini.jpg (6623 bytes) kurskremer13mini.jpg (5575 bytes)

More pictures from the weekend lecture with Georg Kremer

kurskremer10mini.jpg (7144 bytes) kurskremer11mini.jpg (5504 bytes) kurskremer12mini.jpg (6729 bytes)
kurskremer13mini.jpg (5575 bytes) kurskremer14mini.jpg (6623 bytes) kurskremer2mini.jpg (5177 bytes)
kurskremer3mini.jpg (5071 bytes) kurskremer5mini.jpg (6887 bytes) kurskremer6mini.jpg (6444 bytes)
kurskremer7mini.jpg (7140 bytes) kurskremer8mini.jpg (7076 bytes) kurskremer9mini.jpg (6626 bytes)

030808-030809 - Lecturer - Joseph Curtin

kurscurtin1mini.jpg (5215 bytes) kurscurtin2mini.jpg (5474 bytes)

More pictures from the weekend lecture with Joseph Curtin

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