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New representa-
tive in North America

After many successful years we now say thank you to our former representative Mr. Philip Greenberg and welcome our new partner Rare Violins of New York.

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Visiting Heinrich Schiff in Vienna

We were invited to the famous cellist and conductor Heinrich Schiff in Vienna, from October 17 through 22 1998.

We were able to study his marvellous instruments. Among these the 1711 Strad called "Mara" and a 1739 cello by Domenico Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty". Some more cellos were present in the studio during our stay such as a Pietro Guarneri of Venice, another Strad, a Giuseppe Guarneri fil, Andrea and a Giovanni Grancino. Without exaggeration you could say that that studio hosted more fine cellos than you could find in all of Sweden.

We also had a hearing of the six cellos in the Conserthall of Vienna, arranged by Mr Schiff.

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Peter, Heinrich and Irene

The Mara The Mara
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Sleeping beauty Sleeping beauty